3 outrageous options to replace Russell Wilson as Broncos QB in 2024

What are some out-there options for the Denver Broncos to replace Russell Wilson at QB if need be?

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The Denver Broncos could move on from Russell Wilson next year, and I don't think Sean Payton will want to wait around for someone to develop, so could the Broncos acquire a veteran? I really think the Broncos could have a different, established starter at QB in 2024 if Russell Wilson ends up fizzling out.

Denver can move on from Wilson in 2024, but it won't be that easy. They'll have to digest a huge dead cap number and won't save anything on their 2024 cap, but they could do it. Honestly, if Wilson cannot put it together with Sean Payton, there is no reason for the Denver Broncos to continue with him anyway.

There might be a few veterans available next offseason. Whether that'd be via trade or free agency remains to be seen, but I don't think it's out of the question for the Broncos to make a run at another veteran quarterback in 2024 if Payton doesn't want to continue working with Russell Wilson.

Even though it may sound outrageous now, let's look at three QBs who could end up in Denver in 2024.

3 outrageous players who could replace Russell Wilson at QB in 2024 for the Broncos

1. Kirk Cousins, 2024 free agent

Kirk Cousins is a free agent at the end of the 2023 NFL season. It's not really a guarantee that he re-signs with the Minnesota Vikings. Minnesota is in an interesting spot. Then went 13-4 last year and won all of their one-score games. They clearly have a solid coaching staff and seem to have better coaching than they do roster. Cousins is probably not leading the Vikings to a Super Bowl, but he's been above average his entire career.

The new regime in Minnesota might want to, at some point, take a chance on a QB in an NFL draft. They did move on from a few veterans this offseason but also did invest in their roster. It's clear that the Vikings are trying to re-tool their roster with younger players but still desire to remain competitive.

Being that Kirk Cousins has not worked with a coach of Sean Payton's caliber, I would not hate it if he made a stop for a year or two in Denver. Cousins has been very efficient his entire career and I think could bring some stability for a year or two, which Payton and the Broncos would surely covet.