3 offseason moves the Denver Broncos might end up regretting

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Three offseason moves the Denver Broncos might end up regretting
3. Signing Jarrett Stidham as the QB2 instead of other, better options

I do not understand the signing of Jarrett Stidham as the backup. He got $10 million on a two-year deal from the Broncos to serve as the QB2. Apparently, Sean Payton trusts him enough to come in and be the starter if Russell Wilson gets hurt or isn't playing well enough.

I think there were better options to target as the backup QB who present a higher ceiling and have connections with Sean Payton. The first option I think would have been better than Stidham is Teddy Bridgewater, who played the best football of his career with Sean Payton on the New Orleans Saints back in 2019 and is obviously very familiar with the Denver Broncos.

In five starts with New Orleans, Teddy Two Gloves threw for nine touchdowns, two interceptions, and earned a passer rating of 99.1. He was efficient in Payton's offense and it would have made loads of sense to have brought Bridgewater back.

The second option, which I know many people will and already have disagreed with, is Carson Wentz. Wentz has had an up-and-down career, but he's proven to be effective at times in the NFL and has won a Super Bowl. He's also been a legitimate MVP candidate and only seems to play well when he's playing in a Frank Reich-led offense.

Well, Reich does have a very good track record of working with and developing QBs, but so does Sean Payton. Wentz's ceiling is through the roof, and at one point, he was a top-five talent in the NFL. I would have loved Carson Wentz on the Broncos as a reclamation project for Sean Payton. Just imagine the potential impact Carson Wentz could have on the Broncos if he were to get starts and show competency playing with Payton.

I think Wentz may have been the best possible option to be the backup QB to Russell Wilson, but obviously, Sean Payton disagreed with me.

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