3 nightmare scenarios for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 NFL Season

These would be true nightmares.
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Broncos win six games

"Lou, what the heck does this even mean?" Let me tell you.

The Denver Broncos won eight games in the 2023 NFL Season, and they managed to do this even after starting 1-5, so that means they finished their last 11 games at a 7-4 pace, which is outstanding. There is no denying that this team and this coaching staff know how to win games, and the Broncos did noticeably better at several positions this offseason.

They upgraded their QB room, RB room, WR room, and also added much-needed talent along the defensive line and in the secondary. They made modest but smart additions in free agency and are clearly trying to navigate the Russell Wilson contract smartly. However, they did manage to bring in talent that upgraded the team.

An optimistic but also realistic expectation for this team in 2024 again hovering around .500. This is especially reachable if Bo Nix is competent as a rookie. Winning eight, nine, or even 10 games should be plenty proof for Sean Payton, George Paton, and the rest of the front office to go all-in for 2025 and beyond.

The most ideal situation; Denver's absolute ceiling in 2024 is the 2023 season from the Houston Texans. Them finishing somewhere around six wins, the "irrelevant middle" as I like to call it, would be a death sentence, as it doesn't necessarily give you a ton of proof that Bo Nix can be a legitimate franchise QB, and it also doesn't give you that high of a first-round pick.

Frankly, Denver might be better off winning nine games or three games. The Broncos should have plenty enough firepower on both sides of the ball to be a fun, breakout team in 2024, and all the power rankings and roster rankings that have Denver ranked at the very bottom of the league are just flat-out irrelevant.

The same people did that with the Houston Texans last offseason, and look what happened.