3 nightmare scenarios for the Denver Broncos in 2024

The Denver Broncos should hope that these scenarios do not come true.

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The Denver Broncos seem to have a lot to build on during this encouraging 2023 season, but they still have to worry about their three AFC West rivals. I think each of the Broncos divisional rivals could undergo some serious change in 2024. Both the Los Angeles Chargers and Las Vegas Raiders are likely hiring new head coaches and general managers in 2024.

The Kansas City Chiefs are in a spot to clinch yet another AFC West title but do have serious issues on offense they need to fix. Overall, the AFC West could be a tough division in 2024 if the Chargers and Raiders have strong offseasons. The Broncos also can have a strong offseason themselves, and there aren't many more reliable coaches in the NFL than Sean Payton.

Denver is going to be a good team in 2024, but they may have to endure these three nightmare scenarios in 2024.

Nightmare Scenario #1: Chargers or Raiders manage to hire Jim Harbaugh

The Denver Broncos seemed to want to hire Jim Harbaugh in 2023. Well, Harbaugh stayed at Michigan, and now his school is being dragged through the mud amid a few controversies. Harbaugh seems to now be on unstable ground at the college level, and he had previously said that he has unfinished business in the NFL.

Well, the possibility of him returning to the NFL seems very strong this time around, and I think he'd absolutely love the opportunity to work with Justin Herbert and the Chargers. LA is in serious need of some stability, and Harbaugh would have his QB in place already and would likely be given some degree of personnel power. With LA having several avenues to create a boatload of cap space in 2024 and Justin Herbert being there, the idea of Jim Harbaugh going to LA should scare Broncos' fans.