3 needs for the Broncos after the 2023 Draft

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Samaje Perine
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2) Running Back

The Broncos did not select a running back in the 2023 draft, to the surprise of some. However, the team did sign UDFA RB Emanuel Wilson from Fort Valley State, he told Light On College Sport. However, the Broncos should not be done here. There are several strong running back names left on the open market, including several names who were in town this last season: Latavius Murray, Marlon Mack, and others who were not such as Kareem Hunt, JD McKissic, and Ezekiel Elliot. Amongst others, the Broncos are left with a load of remaining options for their backfield next year.

There are several strong names out there, but the Broncos have some internal issues to worry about in their back field. Javonte Williams is still a question mark with his injury, and Samaje Perine is the only back on the roster who has shouldered any sort of load in the NFL. While Perine and one of the several backs on the roster, including Wilson, but the team could definitely benefit from adding another strong back to their backfield group. If they do, a name like McKissic would make the most sense, considering how his skillset works strongly in tandem with Perine's.