3 needs for the Broncos after the 2023 Draft

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The Broncos ended their 2023 draft with a strong group of players on their way into the organization. The team struck a nice balance between offense and defense, selecting five players in total. The team went with wide receiver with their first pick, taking Marvin Mims Jr. out of Oklahoma. The team also drafted an inside linebacker, corner, safety, and interior offensive lineman.

Now that the draft has passed, the Broncos will look to the UDFA pool and the second wave of free agency. The UDFA pool is already vastly underway, with the Broncos expected to be one of the busier teams. However, the team will need to be just as aggressive in the second wave of free agency. With that being said, here are three positions the Broncos need to address in their post-draft moves.

1) Offensive Line Depth

Quinn Meinerz
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The Broncos took an offensive lineman in their 2023 draft, bringing in center Alex Forsyth from Oregon with their seventh round pick. However, the team still lacks offensive line depth entering the 2023 season. The most notable depth pieces are slated to be Forsyth, Quinn Bailey, Luke Wattenberg, Kyle Fuller, and Isaiah Prince. While the group of depth lineman the Broncos have is deep, it lacks names that could slot in as a starter in the case of a major injury to the line that causes a multi-week absence.

Additionally, there is no such thing as too much depth on the offensive line. The Broncos dealt with injuries to all of their starters last year aside form Quinn Meinerz, so depth should be a key, and the Broncos should know how quickly the quality of an offensive line can drop off with injuries and no depth. The Broncos would likely need to go six deep to have a top tier line, especially considering that Garrett Bolles, for as good as the top tier tackle can be, is coming off a major leg injury and is on the wrong side of 30. The Broncos would be wise to have a strong backup for him.