3 moves that could end in Broncos GM George Paton being fired

What moves could get Broncos GM George Paton fired?

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3. Signing EDGE Randy Gregory in free agency

Trading Von Miller and Bradley Chubb was justified for the returns they landed the Denver Broncos. Nobody thought the Broncos could get even close to a second-round pick for Miller, and they got more. Most people felt the Broncos couldn't get a 2nd-round pick for Bradley Chubb, and they got a 1st-round pick (and then some).

But the decision by George Paton to move on from both Von Miller and Bradley Chubb in order to make Randy Gregory his number one pass rusher is undoubtedly one of his worst.

The Dallas Cowboys had announced a five-year deal worth $70 million with Randy Gregory before the Broncos swooped in and signed him to the same deal with fewer ways for Gregory to lose money. The Broncos should have seen Gregory signing back with the Cowboys as a sign to stay away. He barely played at all in his first season for the Broncos due to injury, and in year two, he was horrendous.

It was reported the Broncos were cutting Gregory before it was announced he'd actually been traded to the San Francisco 49ers. The Broncos are footing the bill for Gregory to play for the 49ers and they're doing so willingly, because it was such a bad signing.


I think when you consider the fact that Paton's lone coaching hire, his big QB move, and his biggest free agent acquisition have all been failures, you have to at least consider that the Broncos might move on after this season and put someone else in the GM chair to work with Sean Payton.

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