3 moves the Denver Broncos clearly got wrong in 2023

Did the Denver Broncos get these moves wrong in 2023?

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3. Putting too much stock in Damarri Mathis

Two weeks into the 2023 season, it looks like the Broncos put way too much stock in Damarri Mathis as their primary starter at the outside cornerback position. They didn't make any prominent veteran additions at this spot over the course of the offseason, and that was understandable given the presence of defensive backs coach Christian Parker and what we saw over the course of the 2022 season from Mathis.

Through two games this season, however, Mathis has been a total and complete liability. He looks lost out there in coverage, and is getting consistently picked on by opposing teams.

It's a good thing the Broncos drafted Riley Moss in the third round, because they might need to throw him out there in the near future and see what he is capable of doing.

Should the team have spent big money at the cornerback position? Not necessarily, but you saw the team go after Fabian Moreau (who has also not been good) when Moss suffered a core muscle injury early in training camp. There have been a number of veterans available throughout the course of the offseason that would have been preferable additions for the Broncos.


Byron Murphy signed for less than $9 million per season. Rock Ya-Sin signed for just $4 million. Ronadl Darby signed in Baltimore for less than $2 million. There were moves out there that the Broncos could have raised their floor at the cornerback position and they've simply not done that.

Again, it's understandable that the Broncos put their faith in player development, but there's no harm raising the floor of a room when the budget allows for it. Mathis's play early on this season could be leaving the Broncos in a situation where they have to bench him in favor of another young player.

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