3 moves the Broncos should make after signing WR Josh Reynolds

The Denver Broncos still appear to be willing to spend in free agency.

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3. Trade WR Courtland Sutton if a solid offer presents itself

While I did just get done saying that the Broncos WR room is extremely deep with the Josh Reynolds signing, I do think, to an extent, that his signing with the Broncos could increase the chances that someone like Courtland Sutton gets traded. Sutton is coming off his best year, at least touchdown-wise.

He caught 10 TD passes in 2023 and became a truly elite red-zone threat. He's clearly a good wide receiver but has not come close to his breakout, Pro Bowl 2019 season where he eclipsed 1,000 for the first and only time of his career, which began back in 2018. Sutton is under contract through 2025 with the Broncos.

And honestly, Denver could just let Sutton play out the last two years of his deal and leave in free agency. They could also extend him past 2025, save some money on their cap figure, and fully entrench Sutton for years to come. However, they could also trade him if the right offer presents itself, too.

His cap number is $17.395 million, so it isn't ridiculously high. A trade designated post-June 1st would save the Broncos about $13.5 million on their cap in 2024 and $14 million in 2025. WIth Denver clearly heading into a new-ish era in 2024 and beyond, trading Sutton could make some sense.

Could the Broncos get a 3rd-round pick for Courtland Sutton? The 10 TDs he had in 2023 could be enough for a team to send a three the Broncos way. I don't think Denver should accept anything less than a third, but heck, if that offer comes up, the Broncos should do it, especially now that they have Josh Reynolds in the picture.