3 moves Broncos must make in response to Chargers hiring Jim Harbaugh

The Los Angeles Chargers officially hired Jim Harbaugh, and this is bad news for the Denver Broncos.

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2. Try to poach some potential Chargers cap casualties

With a new era in Los Angeles, the process will begin with Harbaugh and his staff implementing their vision for the roster. The Chargers need to clear a ton of cap space this offseason. According to Over The Cap, LA is roughly $46 million OVER the 2024 cap number. They'll soon get to work putting in a plan to not only erase that surplus but also give themselves some money to spend.

The four biggest contracts and players that the Chargers are going to have to decide futures on will be wide receivers Keenan Allen and Mike Williams, and pass rushers Joey Bosa and Khalil Mack. All four of these players are either old, hurt all the time, or a mixture of both. It's hard for me to envision all four being on the roster come 2024.

Personally, though, I could see some of them sticking around. The Chargers won't get hardly anything in a trade for any of them. All four players have cap hits of at least $32 million in 2024, and restructuring their contracts just kicks the can down the road. If I were the Denver Broncos, I would most definitely spring on the chance to sign Khalil Mack or Joey Bosa if they are cut. The Broncos need juice up front, and taking a low-risk swing on one of them could pay dividends for the team.

The Chargers have dealt with a ton of injuries for years, so perhaps the issue isn't the players themselves, but perhaps the training/recovery programs they have in place. Furthermore, the Denver Broncos were extremely healthy last year, which was much different from prior seasons, so if the Chargers were to cut Joey Bosa, I would personally LOVE to see Denver take a chance on him in hopes he can stay on the field.

You also have to figure that any Chargers player who might get cut from the team would want to stick it to them in a way. The Broncos should keep tabs on the Chargers future cap casualties.