3 most untouchable players on the Denver Broncos roster

- Starting left tackle

- Superstar corner

- The QB?...

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2. Russell Wilson, QB

I know I said in the opening paragraphs that Russell Wilson shouldn't be considered untouchable, but if you really think about it, if the Broncos were to trade him this offseason for whatever reason, what would they do at the position?

Even though Wilson had an abysmal 2022 season, he's still someone who has shown the ability to be elite and still may have that type of play in him. If last year was just an outlier, Wilson is still a top quarterback in the NFL. While there's also a chance that he is washed up, Russell Wilson does give the Broncos the best chance to win games and a Super Bowl.

We'd feel much worse about the team if Jarrett Stidham was slated to be the starter, right? Wilson does have a wonderful situation around him on offense now. He's got a much-improved offensive line, adequate pass catchers, and an elite offensive mind as his primary coach.

What more could a QB ask for? What Sean Payton did with the skeletal remains of Drew Brees from 2017-2020 is nothing short of magic, and I think the 2023 version of Russell Wilson is a better overall QB than Brees was during those last years of his career, so I have hope for 2023.