3 Moments That Have Altered 2023 Denver Broncos Season

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2) Ja'Quan McMillian Intercepts Patrick Mahomes in Week Eight

The Broncos had not beaten the Chiefs in over eight years entering week eight. The Broncos' defensive unit was poised to end that streak, and they did just that. A huge moment in that game came just five minutes into the second quarter when Patrick Mahomes was looking over the middle for Travis Kelce. Mahomes and the Chiefs had a first and ten from their own 35, and were looking for some sustained offense, something they were struggling with so far in the game.

Mahomes, looking for Kelce, airs one out over the middle towards the mid-field logo. Kelce was sandwiched between three Broncos defenders, two linebackers, and one defensive back. The back, Ja'Quan McMillian, made a perfect read and picked off Mahomes for the Broncos' second takeaway of the game, just two minutes into the contest.

McMillian, in his first real string of consecutive playing time, had impressed so far. On this particular play, he was able to read Mahomes over the middle and break on the ball in just enough time to bring it in, denying the Chiefs another shot at moving down the field, something they do so well. McMillian not only helped push the Broncos further in control of the game but also helped represent a change and new direction for the Broncos. McMillian, a second-year player, is part of a new wave of Denver Broncos, and part of a new era. An era that might just begin with finally beating Kansas City for the first time in eight years.