3 matchups to watch for Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins in Week 3

Can the Denver Broncos earn their first win of the season in 2023?

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3. Denver Broncos vs. Penalties

The Denver Broncos have been called for 19 penalties this year, which is tied for the league lead. Folks, that is not good. They were tied for the second-most penalties last year with 113. They're currently on pace for 156 penalties in 2023. I'm not sure what exactly Sean Payton and the coaching staff are doing, but it's also a strong possibility that Denver simply doesn't have many good players on the team.

Maybe the coaching staff is properly coaching these players on what and what not to do to avoid being called for penalties, but I think Denver's roster isn't as good as some of us originally thought, including me. Well, Denver gets to face their most talented opponent of the year so far in Week 3, and obviously, being called for another 10 penalties this game is going to make life even harder than it's going to be.


What the Broncos seem to excel at if nothing else is committing penalties during potentially big plays while on offense, and committing penalties right as their defense gets a huge stop. It just feels like they get called for infractions at the worst possible time, and that simply cannot happen in Week 3.

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