3 long-term questions the Denver Broncos will have to answer

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While things look promising for Denver in 2023, future seasons still exist. What three long-term questions will the Broncos have to answer? The present seems bright, and certain parts of the Denver Broncos' future also seems bright.

The team has a ton of young, quality talent, but there are still some long-term questions that the team may have to slowly begin to answer. With a solid coaching staff in place, new ownership, and management stability, Denver may be one of the most well-positioned teams to become and remain competitive past the 2023 season.

What are three burning, long-term questions the Denver Broncos will eventually have to answer?

Three long-term questions the Broncos will have to answer
1. Will Sean Payton and George Paton co-exist?

We know that Sean Payton does have final say on the Broncos' roster. This could eventually become a problem for General Manager George Paton, who interviewed with about 1/3rd of the league before accepting the Broncos' job back in 2021.

Paton was very selective with his eventual move to GM, and now, all of a sudden, he doesn't even have the final say on the roster. At some point, this could become a problem for Paton, right? There are a few instances across the NFL where head coaches do have the final say on the roster, but I think Paton is plenty smart enough to run a team with himself having the final say.

I also wonder, on the other side, if Sean Payton would eventually want to work with someone from the New Orleans Saints front office. At some point, this potential problem will have to be solved or answered. Payton's job is safer than Paton's, at the moment, so we'll see what happens.