3 landing spots for Broncos LB Josey Jewell in 2024 NFL free agency

The Denver Broncos recently re-signed LB Jonas Griffith through the 2024 NFL Season, which could mean that Josey Jewell will not be retained by the team this offseason.

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2. New Orleans Saints

Perhaps Josey Jewell could go play for his former defensive coordinator in New Orleans. Jewell arrived in Denver in 2018, and the Broncos' DC at the time was Joe Woods, who holds the same role with the New Orleans Saints at the moment. With the Saints likely stuck in a place where they are planning to try to run it back, signing a savvy, veteran player makes sense.

The team handed Derek Carr a ton of money last offseason, and they cannot get out of his contract until after the 2025 NFL Season, so for the next two years, the Saints might try to continue to load up their roster until Carr inevitably gets cut. Josey Jewell should have some familiarity with Woods' defensive scheme, so this could be a logical fit.

3. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As of now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are slated to have both Lavonte David and Devin White hit the free agent market this offseason. They might be in a position to restock this room. Devin White requested a trade last offseason, so I don't think he or the Buccaneers have much interest in each other.

Lavonte David is also 34 years old, so at some point, change will be needed there. The Bucs shocked the NFL in 2023, going 9-8, winning the NFC South, and winning a playoff game. The team is surely going to make a huge effort to re-sign Baker Mayfield, as the NFC South is a pretty weak division, so the Bucs should have a very good chance as repeating as division champs in 2024.

Josey Jewell would simply fill a free agency need for the team and would ideally lessen the blow of them potentially losing both David and White.