3 keys for the Broncos to beat the Chiefs on Sunday in a very important game

The second game of the season against KC, this one at home. Streak over? What would a win mean for Denver?

Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs
Denver Broncos v Kansas City Chiefs / Jamie Squire/GettyImages

Following a win against the Green Bay Packers in week 7, the Denver Broncos are back at home, this time for an AFC West division matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs, the second one between each other in three weeks. Denver lost the first one at Arrowhead by a score of 19-8.

This will be a very important game, not only because it is a divisional matchup, but it can determine what can the Broncos do on Tuesday's trade deadline, and Denver can finish week 8 with the same win-loss record as the Chargers and/or Raiders.

Reports say that it could be a snowy game. With that being said, let's take a look at three main keys for the Denver Broncos to beat the Kansas City Chiefs in week 8.

1. Good momentum on offensive possesions to control the game clock:

Against the Chiefs, if you want to win, you must capitalize on your offensive drives. And how you do that, well by scoring points. Against the Chiefs, field goals are not enough, the Broncos must score touchdowns. Kansas City is a top-tier team with one of the best offenses in the league. Divisional matchups most of the time get decided by details, and the offense must not have any single mistake.

Against the Green Bay Packers last week, Denver had four red zone trips and scored on only one. One of the reasons why this happened ... pre-snap penalties. If Sean Payton can design good plays and they do not commit offensive penalties, there is a good chance that the Broncos can at least compete in this game.

With Kansas City being a top-tier offense, the only way to not have them on the field is by having long offensive possessions. The offensive unit looked better against Green Bay, compared to week 6 against the Chiefs, but still it can definitely be better.

2. Run the Ball:

The Denver Broncos had their best statistical run game against the Packers in week 7. They had a combined statline of 25 carries for 145 yards (5.8 yards/attempt). It was great for offensive momentum. Against the Chiefs, you must run the ball, and well, to eat as much time as possible from the game clock. It must be a very consistent run game.

Kansas City has a good run defense, but still, Denver had 115 total rushing yards against them in week 6. If that number can increase, the Broncos will definitely eat a lot of clock time, which must be in their favor.

Javonte Williams had his season-high with 82 rushing yards against Green Bay. If the running backs can stay consistent with good carries, the run game must not stop. Obviously Russ will have to throw the ball, but if you can have good carries, with a good momentum, that (run game) will be tough for Kansas City to stop, especially without one of their best defensive players in Nick Bolton.

3. Disciplined defense with good communication:

The Chiefs beat the Broncos in week 6, but thanks to the defense, the Broncos were alive during most of the game. The offense did not take advantage, but the defense really had a good game. Thanks to an unnecessary roughness penalty on Luke Musgrave, the Broncos will be without starting safety Kareem Jackson. PJ Locke, who missed the first games, entered the game for KJack and played great.

Kansas City has a great offense, especially the Mahomes-Kelce duo. Kelce had 124 yards on just nine receptions in the first game. With that being said, the defensive coverage must be impeccable this time. Denver's defense was good against Green Bay, it had some flashes, but overall it was good.

When Denver blitzed Mahomes, Kelce exploded, so with that they have to be careful. Pressure is great, but they must have good communication to not leave holes in the open space (especially to Kelce). Baron Browning's snap limit will likely increase, and that could help. The run defense must be good too, as Isiah Pacheco is a solid running back too.


Do yo think that there is a chance to beat KC? What are your keys to victory?