3 keys for the Broncos to beat the Raiders in Week 1

The Denver Broncos open their 2023-24 regular season by hosting their AFC West rival Las Vegas Raiders ... How can they start the season with a dub?

Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos
Las Vegas Raiders v Denver Broncos / Michael Owens/GettyImages
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2. Good offensive rhythm and consistency:

Despite having an offensive-minded head coach in Nathaniel Hackett last season, the Denver Broncos really struggled in this category, as they finished last in the league with 16.9 points per game. It was Hackett's first-ever season as an NFL head coach. When Hackett was fired, Denver had an average of 27.5 points per game, with interim head coach Jerry Rosburg. They had only six games of 16 or more points (two of them with Rosburg).

Once again, the Broncos really struggled offensively, they could not find a rhythm in their drives. Either due to penalties, bad play calling, or due to bad offensive line play. The Broncos offensive line allowed the most sacks in the league last season. After all the struggles, the Broncos invested a lot of money in improving their OL and traded for Super Bowl Champion head coach Sean Payton.

Sean is definitely a guy who can turn things around offensively for the Broncos, a guy who can help Russell Wilson succeed, and a very disciplined head coach who can definitely reduce penalties. In my opinion, since it is the first game of the season, the Broncos might not start with much consistency, but a key to beating Las Vegas is at least to find an offensive rhythm and not lose opportunities to score due to a flag, a sack, or a bad play call.