3 journeyman quarterbacks could be options for Broncos in 2024

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3) Jarrett Stidham

Jarrett Stidham is the Broncos' only internal option for the 2024 season. Stidham's 2023 season ending with the former Raider starting the Broncos' final two games of the year, leading the Broncos to a 1-1 record during his starts. Stidham threw for just under 500 yards with a pair of touchdowns and just one interception during his two games, but a decent of his success against the Raiders came when the game was effectively out of reach.

The one upper hand that Stidham has over the rest of this group is that he has spent a year in Sean Payton's system. Stidham, who will be 28 when the new NFL season rolls around, has now spent a year with Sean Payton and in his system, and was able to display a decent grasp and understanding of it in his short tryout with the Broncos weeks 17 and 18.


The Broncos would need Stidham to play much better ball than he did in his two starts, but an improved run game would help aswell. Ultimately, Stidham is currently under contract with the Broncos for 2024, and no other quarterback is. Stidham has an immediate leg up.

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