3 insane trade proposals for Broncos to get Derrick Henry

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Three insane trade proposals for Titans' RB Derrick Henry

The last trade proposal between the Denver Broncos and Tennessee Titans for RB Derrick Henry is a simple one, trading a player for a pick. The Houston Texans traded Brandin Cooks for a 5th and 6th-round pick, so we can kind of guess the value of aging veteran players on expiring contracts.

Cooks is still an effective player, and frankly, Henry is too, even though being 29 years old might be a turn-off to some people. Again, given the circumstances of Henry's situation, I don't think the Titans can expect to get much in a trade for him.

Acquiring a 5th-round pick might be all a team is willing to give up for his services if the Titans are set on moving him. Tennessee needs to have an honest conversation with themselves. They have a new GM in town and are clearly not going to win a Super Bowl this year.

They've released quite a few veteran players and have an aging and average QB on the roster.

I'm surprised they haven't tried to move Ryan Tannehill and Derrick Henry yet.

Getting what you can for players in an obvious rebuilding situation should be the name of the game, and there might be a chance for teams to buy low on Derrick Henry.

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