3 hardly talked about Denver Broncos players under a ton of pressure in 2024

Could these three player quietly be under a ton of pressure in 2024?
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2. Ben Powers, G

Effectively replacing Dalton Risner, who is currently not on a team, Ben Powers had a solid 2023 season, but definitely did not play up to his contract number. Over The Cap gives each player a "valuation" which is essentially a dollar amount based on their production. Ben Powers' contract is worth $13 million per season, but his valuation for 2023 was just $5.4 million.

Powers is a fine guard. He's not elite, but he's good. However, he is not performing up to his contract, and according to OTC, the Denver Broncos can cut him in 2025 and save $12 million on their cap number while only having to eat about $5.5 million in dead money. With positive cap savings available in 2025, and with Quinn Meinerz needing a mega-extension, Ben Powers could be on his way out unless he has a stellar season.

3. Samaje Perine, RB

Samaje Perine, in 2023, proved to be an elite receiving back, especially in late-game situations. Week after week, the hard-running veteran RB was hauling in clutch late-game receptions. Perine was also quite strong as a runner in 2023 as well. There is a ton of reason to keep Samaje Perine on the roster in 2024, but the Denver Broncos did draft Notre Dame RB Audric Estime in the 2024 NFL Draft.

They also signed an undrafted free agent in Blake Watson. With cap savings of $3 million still available for Denver, they might want to opt to go younger in the RB room. It's hard to imagine Estime does not make the roster given he is a rookie draft pick and was one of the best RBs in the class. And it'd make no sense to cut ties with Jaleel McLaughlin, the emerging star who is the fastest player in the backfield and is someone who can catch passes as well.

Samaje Perine really has an uphill battle to make it out of the final roster cuts, but it's not really his fault.