3 Games the Denver Broncos could still win In 2023

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Week 16: Home for the Patriots

There might not be a team in the NFL in worse shape than the New England Patriots. The Patriots have benched Mac Jones for Bailey Zappe in two of their last three games, and left Zappe inactive for Malik Cunningham in the one game he was not active.

Mac Jones has been brutal, the defense is not good, the good defensive players are injured, and much of the offense leaves a lot to be desired. Bill O'Brien's offense is scoring just 12 points a game, which is somehow not the worst mark in football. The quarterbacks are averaging less than one touchdown per game, while throwing more than one interception per game. The Patriots have turned the ball over seven times since week four, and have just one take away in that time.


To summarize, the Patriots can't stop turning the ball over, are bad on offense, bad on defense, and do not create turnovers defensively. Simply put, the Patriots are brutal. By Week 16, it is entirely possible that the Patriots have punted on the rest of their year and have shut down players they expect to be key contributors in 2024. Jones could be on his way out the door, and potentially the same with Bill Belichick. Additionally, the Patriots have struggled in Denver for a long time and could be walking into another loss in week sixteen. This could be the Super Bowl for fans of the Tankathon.

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