3 free agents who can help Denver Broncos make playoffs in 2023

Could the Denver Broncos make a playoff push in 2023?
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2. Ndamukong Suh, DT

You thought I was done talking about Ndamukong Suh, didn't you? Well, I'm not! Myself and other people within Broncos Country have been calling for the Broncos to sign Suh for what feels like years now. He's 36 years old, so he's...old, but the Broncos could use more juice along the defensive front.

I'm not entirely sure why the team didn't do much more along the defensive line this past offseason. Zach Allen and DJ Jones are fine, but there's really no one else of note down there. Suh isn't going to give you the high-end production that he was once relied on for, but I'd find it hard to believe that he doesn't have at least something left.

He signed on with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2022. In those eight games, he amassed one sack, 10 total tackles, and two QB hits. As recently as 2020 with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Suh had 19 QB hits and 6.0 sacks. I think Suh wouldn't mind latching onto another team for the stretch run in 2023. I'm sure if that were to happen, he'd probably prefer going to a legitimate Super Bowl contender, but if the Broncos are the only team with interest, why not?