3 free agents the Denver Broncos might regret not signing this offseason

Denver's aggressive free agency gave a needed boost to the roster, but will they regret not signing these 3 free agents this offseason?

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There is no such thing as a perfect free agency for any team. Even a team who sees great benefit from external signings, there is surely always something they could have done better. Will Denver regret not signing these 3 players? Denver's free agency period was strong, to say the least. I think it's a near-objective truth that the team improved.

Now, with the number of free agents that signed with new teams this offseason, there was surely a ton that I and many of you wanted the team to sign. Well, we can't change the past and it probably isn't the best idea to disagree with Sean Payton and George Paton, who are the best of the best at their respective positions within the organization.

Will the Denver Broncos regret not signing some free agents? I think three of them stick out as ones they wish they had.

3 free agents the Denver Broncos might regret not signing this offseason
1. Broncos might regret not signing DJ Chark in free agency

I have been pounding the table for the Denver Broncos to sign DJ Chark for a while now. Well, he didn't sign with the team in free agency. He signed with the Carolina Panthers, and on a side note, the Panthers have had a stellar offseason and are going to surprise the NFL in 2023.

Anyway, Chark signed a one-year deal with the team for just $5 million, which is a steal in my opinion. Chark, still just 26, was a second-round pick back in the 2018 NFL Draft, the same one where Denver took Courtland Sutton. Chark has unfortunately struggled with injuries, playing in just 15 games over the last two seasons, but his talent is off the charts.

He had a Pro Bowl season in 2019 with the Jaguars, with 1,008 receiving yards and eight touchdowns. He also had a season with 706 yards and five touchdowns in 2020. Chark has never played more than 15 games in a season, but his 6'4" frame and 4.3 speed are incredibly enticing.

Over a 17-game season, he's averaged 801 yards and six touchdowns, so he's been a productive player when on the field. I know it's hindsight, but just imagine how handy Chark would be coming in right about now with Tim Patrick's injury. Chark could have easily slid into that WR3 role that Patrick was going to hold. Even if Patrick didn't get hurt, I still think Denver should have made a play for Chark.

He's an athletic freak and would have given the Broncos yet another pass catcher on offense. Perhaps Chark hits the free agency market next year and Denver can make a play for him.