3 free agents the Denver Broncos can add after the 2024 NFL Draft

The Denver Broncos can still get into the free agency market even after the 2024 NFL Draft.
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2. Connor McGovern, C

Part of me thinks the Denver Broncos wouldn't shy away from adding a legitimate starting center, and I also don't think they'll hesitate to draft a center in 2024 if one falls into their laps. The Broncos currently have a trio of centers who could get a shot at the starting job in 2023. They'd be Sam Mustipher, Alex Forsyth, and Luke Wattenberg.

As of now, none of them are starting-caliber players in the NFL, but players develop, and that could certainly happen. If the Broncos don't draft a center and still want to add to the position, they could bring back an old friend in Connor McGovern, who just spent the past four seasons with the New York Jets and was a good player for each of those years.

McGovern played in just seven games in 2023 due to injury, but when he's on the field, he's far from a liability and could be a low-cost, high-reward signing to keep the OL strong.

3. Kwon Alexander, ILB

Kwon Alexander played for Sean Payton back in 2021 when both were still with the Saints, so Payton could continue his familiarity train and bring in Alexander. Josey Jewell departed in free agency, and the Broncos then signed Cody Barton to effectively replace him. The team also has Alex Singleton, Jonas Griffith, and Justin Strnad in the picture. Griffith is the most interesting player here, and as of now, these four are probably going to enter the season as the ILB room.

However, I think Denver could come away with an ILB during the 2024 NFL Draft, as Payton has invested in that unit over his career with the Saints. And you never know, maybe the Broncos decide that they want to add another veteran into the mix at the position. Kwon Alexander would be a cheap addition and could at least raise the floor of the ILB room.