3 free agency moves we wish we would have seen the Broncos make

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Three free agency moves we wish we would have seen the Broncos make
2. We wish the Broncos would have signed Jawaan Taylor instead of Mike McGlinchey

So, I do not hate the signing of Mike McGlinchey. Even if he's average, he's better than what the Broncos have had at the position for years. He can be a steady presence for the team for years to come if all goes well.

However, the better player to bet long-term on would have been Jawaan Taylor, who signed a four-year, $80 million deal with the Kansas City Chiefs this offseason. The original plan was to actually put Taylor at left tackle, but after signing Donovan Smith, the Chiefs decided to kick Taylor back to the right side.

Taylor turns 26 in the 2023 season and has played and started in every game during his four-year career thus far, and he had a career year in 2022. Taylor would have been someone who could have stuck around much longer than McGlinchey, and he's arguably a better player.

What likely happened is Taylor was simply too rich with his asking price. Or, I could be totally wrong, and the Broncos could have had their eyes on McGlinchey this entire time.

Again, I don't dislike the signing, but I think Taylor probably would have been the stronger player to nab.