3 free agency do-overs the Denver Broncos might have liked better in 2024

Could the Denver Broncos have had a stronger free agency period?
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The Denver Broncos should have signed P Tommy Townsend

Yes, Denver should have made a move at punter, other than them recently signing free agent punter Trenton Gill, who figures to compete with Riley Dixon for the starting job. They could have just cut Dixon and signed Tommy Townsend, a former Chief who is one of the best in the game. Townsend is a Pro Bowl punter who averaged 47.1 yards per kick last year and 41.9 net yards per punt.

He had a long punt of 68 yards last year. Riley Dixon, in 2023, had 46.3 yards per punt with a 41.5 yards per punt net average. Sure, they were roughly the same in terms of effectiveness, but Townsend's ceiling is higher and he's also younger. It just would have made logistical sense to cut Dixon and bring in a more long-term, better, and younger solution.

Now this isn't going to make or break the season, as Dixon is fine, but a winning team turns over every stone to make their roster better, and no offense to Riley Dixon, but there were better punters out on the free agency market in 2024.