3 free agency do-overs the Denver Broncos might have liked better in 2024

Could the Denver Broncos have had a stronger free agency period?
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Broncos should have made a bigger splash along the defensive line

I am thrilled that Denver was able to steal DE John Franklin-Myers away from the New York Jets. Frankly, that was an absolutely horrid move by New York, but oh well! The Broncos now have two viable every-down, pass-rushing threats at DE. It's a great thing as the team's DL in 2023 was among the worst in football.

The team also signed two DTs in Malcolm Roach and Angelo Blackson, who add to the depth. DJ Jones seems slated to return for the final year of his contract. While the defensive line is certainly not a weakness heading into 2024, I am still wondering if the Broncos could have done more, actually.

After getting the franchise QB, a team sustains success by building the trenches and being able to consistently get to the QB, so the DL and OL are the other most important aspects of a football team beyond the passer. Denver had a very deep free agent market along the defensive line, and I just personally think they left a lot out there.

Denver could have made a bigger splash along the DL and could have built a unit with three high-quality starters.