3 former Broncos players still unemployed as OTAs arrive in 2024

These former Broncos are still looking for work
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2. Dalton Risner, offensive guard

NFL teams are constantly on the hunt for offensive line help. It's hard to find good players for your offensive line these days, making Dalton Risner's availability deep into the month of May all the more confusing.

Risner was supposed to command a contract around $8-10 million per season as of last year, but he remained a free agent into the 2023 regular season before eventually signing with the Minnesota Vikings. There were theories and rumors as to why Risner was unsigned despite some high free agent expectations, including the fact that he shoved Broncos backup QB Brett Rypien on a fateful Christmas blowout in Los Angeles.

Whatever the case, Risner ended up playing extremely well for the Vikings last year, especially in pass protection. His arrival actually allowed the Vikings to trade Ezra Cleveland and permanently slot Risner in at the left guard position.

This is a starting left guard, a former second-round pick, and a Walter Payton Man of the Year nominee who is just sitting out there in the month of May. I won't pretend to understand it, especially after the year Risner just had in Minnesota. Why have the Vikings not re-signed him at this point?