3 EDGE rushers Denver Broncos should already have in mind for 2024

The Denver Broncos need to get better at EDGE. They should already have these players in mind for 2024.

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It's clear already that the Denver Broncos need to boost their pass rush unit. Should the team already have these players in mind for 2024? I think at the moment, EDGE might be the most urgent need for the Denver Broncos in 2024. They do have a first-round pick next year, which is lovely, and I would not hate it if they used said pick on a pass rusher.

Denver's pass rush unit has gotten worse under George Paton, and they failed to sack the lowly Jimmy Garoppolo once in Week 1. It's a huge problem that needs fixing. The fixing needs to come now and for the future. It is going to be a bit tough for the Broncos to improve this unit in-season this year, but I think if they have another stinker against a bad Washington Commaders' offensive line, a change or two would need to be made.

Well, the Denver Broncos should already be looking at how to improve this unit for 2024. Should they be considering these three players?

3 EDGE rushers Denver Broncos should already have in mind for 2024
1. Danielle Hunter, 2024 free agent

Danielle Hunter's name came up in trade rumors this offseason, and I was pounding the table for Denver to make a move for the pass rusher. Hunter is obviously a free agent at the end of the year, and he's been a very good pass rusher in the NFL thus far. He's 28 years old and was a third-round draft pick back in 2015.

He's been with the Minnesota Vikings his entire career and has made three Pro Bowls during that tenure. He's had four seasons with double-digit sacks, most recently amassing 10.5 sacks and 22 QB hits in 2022. So far in 2023, he's already got four sacks and five tackles for loss. Over his last 19 games, Hunter has 14.5 sacks, 17 tackles for loss and 26 QB hits.

The Viking is just a productive player, plain and simple. I don't really think he has much interest in re-signing with them next offseason, and this potential addition would make a ton of sense, especially if George Paton is still around. Paton was in the front office when Danielle Hunter was drafted, so I think that connection isn't nothing.