3 difficult decisions Broncos will need to make this offseason

The head coach is in place, but difficult decisions loom for the Denver Broncos in 2024

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Many difficult decisions loom for the Denver Broncos in the 2024 offseason, which is shaping up to be yet another pivotal offseason for the franchise. But then again, aren't they all?

Every offseason, we talk about that particular offseason's importance. What that really means is that the Denver Broncos have key areas that are not yet solidified. We know the Denver Broncos have rock-solid ownership, who have proven willing to do whatever it takes to make the team better. Proof of that is the team's head coach -- Sean Payton -- one of the best head coaches of the last 25 years in the NFL and a piece of the franchise that cost a lot to acquire.

Although the Broncos have stable ownership and a good head coach in place, there are huge questions looming for this team in the 2024 offseason. Franchise-altering decisions will have to be made.

1. Who is going to be the team's quarterback?

One of the biggest decisions looming this offseason is quite obvious: What are the Broncos doing at the quarterback position?

The Broncos acquired Russell Wilson in a blockbuster trade with the Seattle Seahawks less than two years ago, and that trade obviously hasn't worked out. Wilson and the Broncos had a horrendous 2022 campaign, and although he played much better in 2023, he was benched at the end of the season for Jarrett Stidham.

It seems more likely than not that Wilson won't be back in 2024, although the door is allegedly not completely closed (until it is). Sean Payton has put the pressure on himself -- if he's going to be the one to burn the Russell Wilson bridge (which ownership will have to be in agreement with), then he had better have a good plan ready to execute.

This isn't just a short-term answer, either. How long did Sean Payton sign up to coach this team? He's 60 years old compared to Bill Belichick, who is still going strong into his early 70s, but still...how long is Payton going to be going at it? It's not like QBs are growing on trees these days.

Especially if you consider Russell Wilson a sunk cost, the replacement plan is going to have to be on point.