3 Denver Broncos you forgot about who can still impact team ahead of playoffs

Who are some Broncos players who can still make an impact on the roster during Denver's playoff push?

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3. RB Jaleel McLaughlin

Despite being on a cold streak as of late, undrafted running back Jaleel McLaughlin could turn out to be a very important player on Denver's offense in the five remaining games. After all, the young stud was a big reason why Denver's offense began to discover its identity after a rough start to the season.

While McLaughlin has rushed for just 28 yards in his last four games, he's primed to break off a big run and/or reception very soon and regain his confidence. With veteran running back Samaje Perine dealing with a sudden knee injury, his opportunity for an increased snap may be coming sooner than expected.

Through the first eight weeks of the season, the 23-year-old running back averaged north of seven yards per carry and was torching defenses with screen passes however, Sean Payton has leaned away from awarding him those opportunities as of late.


With the Broncos aiming for a playoff spot, it may be smart to lean away from a heavy Javonte Williams workload every single week and instead decide to give McLaughlin a few chances to make a play. The undrafted gem does lead all Broncos running backs in total touchdowns this season with three.

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