3 Denver Broncos who have the most trade value in 2024

Are these three players on the Denver Broncos the mot valuable in hypothetical trades?

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2. Quinn Meinerz, OG

One of the very best and nastiest offensive linemen in the NFL is Quinn Meinerz, who was one of the best picks of the George Paton era. A third-round selection back in 2021, Meinerz has already cemented himself as an elite guard.

He's the best player along the offensive line and also the youngest. I do think Denver needs to extend Meinerz this offseason, as he should be viewed as a long-term piece for the team. However, in terms of his trade value, I think it's pretty high. He's obviously not a tackle, so his trade value compared to that position does take a bit of a hit.

In a hypothetical trade with a team, I don't think a second-round pick would be out of the question to acquire Meinerz. He's just 25 years old and surely has his entire prime ahead of him. Offensive line play across the NFL is largely down, and it's been that way for years. Meinerz is one of the five best guards in football, so I think if there was a team with strong interest, we could see him fetch the Denver Broncos a second-round pick.