3 Denver Broncos who did not deserve to make the 53-man roster

The Denver Broncos have their 53-man roster set, but are there some players who did not deserve a roster spot?

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3. Luke Wattenberg, OL

I'm sorry, but what exactly did Luke Wattenberg do this offseason? In my view, he had a terrible second-year offseason for the Denver Broncos and was dreadfully bad during his 2022 rookie season, where he played in seven games and started one of them. He was a fifth-round pick in 2022 and has played like one so far.

He was also given a roster spot over Kyle Fuller, a journeyman offensive lineman who came with 51 games of experience. In my view, Fuller was a much better and more reliable option than Wattenberg, who cracks the 53-man roster. Perhaps the Denver Broncos think they can develop him under first-year OL coach and former Sean Payton draft pick, Zach Strief.

Strief played 168 total games in the NFL and played both guard and tackle. At his peak, he was very, very good and clearly has the trust of Sean Payton, for whom in played from 2006-2017. Strief is probably already a better OL coach than Butch Barry, simply because he isn't Butch Barry, but the Broncos' OL was just OK during the preseason.


What I will say is that on paper, Denver's OL is one of the most talented in the NFL. It's not often you see an NFL team that has two above-average tackles and two above-average guards. I still think the center spot is a question mark with Lloyd Cushenberry. Perhaps the Broncos should sign Ben Jones, who we have mentioned on this website countless times.

Anyway, I guess with the uncertainty with the fourth-year Cush, keeping a young center in Wattenberg on the roster could make sense, but I don't think he played well enough to earn a spot.

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