3 Denver Broncos who did not deserve to make the 53-man roster

The Denver Broncos have their 53-man roster set, but are there some players who did not deserve a roster spot?

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2. Will Lutz, K

While I think Will Lutz will be just fine for the Denver Broncos, he didn't do much at all to deserve a roster spot on the Denver Broncos. What Will Lutz did was play for Sean Payton, and that's really it. He hasn't been all that efficient the past few seasons, and Brett Maher, who was with the Broncos for a while this offseason, has been a much more efficient kicker over the last few years.

In their last two years, Will Lutz has gone 46/59 on field goals, for a lowly 77.9%. Brett Maher, on the other hand, has gone 45/50, for an efficient 90%. The decision to not only cut Maher but to trade a stinking draft pick for Will Lutz was a horrible decision from Sean Payton. I guess Payton is trying to recreate what he had in New Orleans in the recent past, which is fine I suppose.

To be fair to Lutz, he has been an efficient kicker in the NFL. From 2016-2019, Will Lutz made 119/136 field goals, which is an excellent 87.5%. If the Denver Broncos can get that type of production from Lutz, then their kicking situation is in good hands, but even still, Maher has made a higher percentage of his kicks over the last two years than Lutz ever has.

Hopefully, Lutz being another year removed from his core muscle injury allows him to kick better. If not, the Denver Broncos will be in some trouble yet again with their special teams unit.