3 Denver Broncos who could get huge extensions next offseason

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Three Denver Broncos who could get huge extensions next offseason
3. Jerry Jeudy, WR

Wide receiver Jerry Jeudy has been in trade talks this offseason and I guess there is no guarantee he's on the team in 2023 until he's actually on the team. There's also his fifth-year option that needs to be decided on at some point this offseason.

If the Broncos do pick up that option, they wouldn't technically have to extend the player, but if Jeudy does break out even more in Sean Payton's offense, the team might want to lock him up as soon as possible, because he'd only get more expensive.

Depending on what type of season Jeudy has, perhaps one hitting the 1,000-yard mark and racking up a bunch of touchdowns, the Broncos might not want to wait around, and honestly, could Jeudy even do what some other players have done and not report to offseason team activities unless he gets an extension?

His name has been in trade rumors, that's a fact. He probably does not appreciate that. If he plays well in 2023, isn't he well within himself to say to the team "You were shopping me. I played well for y'all in 2023. I want my money."

Between Meinerz, Surtain, and Jeudy, I'd argue that Jeudy would be third on the priority list for a contract extension. If the Broncos would be willing to trade him for the right price, well, why would he then take top priority for a contract extension next offseason?

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