3 Denver Broncos who could be traded away at the 2023 trade deadline

The Denver Broncos are 0-2 and actually hold the #1 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. Should they already be thinking about selling at the deadline in 2023?

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3. Garett Bolles, LT

I think these three Denver Broncos make the most sense to be traded. They are all aging veteran players who are still pretty talented but can provide the team with some cap relief in the future. Garett Bolles has had quite the career in Denver, turning himself into one of the better left tackles in the NFL after being the worst for about two and a half years.

Bolles has had an OK start to the season. He's a fine left tackle in the NFL and seems to be 100% recovered from his broken ankle in 2022. Bolles is under contract through 2024, so he's got this year and next year on his contract extension. That extension came in 2020 when he was a literal brick wall.

Denver's cap savings by trading Garett Bolles are $16 million in 2024, according to overthecap.com. Again, more significant cap savings for a player who is on the wrong side of 30. Consider that the Denver Broncos have three big contracts along their offensive line: Bolles, Ben Powers, and Mike McGlinchey.

As I said previously, I think the team is going to be paying both Patrick Surtain II and Quinn Meinerz next offseason. I really can't see the Broncos having four massive contracts along their offensive line, so my thinking here is that trading Bolles would essentially pave the way for a Meinerz extension to be more feasible. The team also has a left tackle in Alex Palczewski, an undrafted free agent, who they seem to like.


I could see a situation where they'd want to see what the rookie Palczewski could do if they sell at the deadline, and Cameron Fleming is still here, so he's also someone who could easily slide in at left tackle if needed. The Denver Broncos apparently tried to restructure Bolles' contract this offseason, but I suppose Bolles didn't agree to that, so I think he'd be as good as gone at some point.

What do you think? Should the Broncos trade these three players of they are sellers at the deadline?

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