3 Denver Broncos who could be surprise cuts before Week 1 of the 2024 NFL season

Could the Denver Broncos shockingly cut ties with these three players before the season begins?
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2. Levi Wallace, CB

Levi Wallace was a very good late-free agency addition for the Denver Broncos and could have an inside shot at earning the CB2 job. With the Denver Broncos secondary being quite young, Wallace being a battled-tested veteran gives him a clear role on the backend, but what if the young guns end up pushing him off the roster? All of Riley Moss, Damarri Mathis, and rookie CB Kris Abrams-Draine could end up having strong offseasons; what would stop them?

The team also has two stud CBs in Patrick Surtain II and Ja'Quan McMillian. If Moss or KAD can show enough this offseason, the Broncos might feel comfortable already parting ways with Wallace. To me, I am not sure Mathis has much of a future as a starter in the NFL, but he could probably establish himself as a primary backup.

3. DJ Jones, DT

The Denver Broncos perhaps shockingly did not cut DJ Jones. He could have saved the Broncos nearly $10 million heading into free agency. And while the cap savings are still there if Denver wants it, it doesn't seem likely that they move on from Jones. If they haven't already, why would they now? Well, Jones was yet another swing-and-miss by George Paton in free agency, and the Broncos did bring in a former New Orleans Saints player in Malcolm Roach.

Roach was a better run-stopper in 2023 than Jones was. He's also younger and cheaper. And beyond that, you just never know if there's another player in the defensive line group who could push for some playing time. Does Matt Henningsen finally put it together? Does veteran journeyman Angelo Blackson have something in him?

Could the Broncos still make a FA addition to the defensive line? The two defensive end staring spots are set in stone with Zach Allen and John Franklin-Myers, but I do believe DJ Jones needs to have quite the offseason to keep his roster spot.