3 Denver Broncos who could be benched or cut if bad play continues

- Cornerback needs to step up

- Pass rusher doing nothing

- Players on the hot seat

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3. Damarri Mathis, cornerback

If you clicked on this article, you likely knew this one was coming. We can all see it coming from a mile away right now. If Damarri Mathis doesn't get it together quickly, he's going to find himself getting benched.

He has looked completely lost through the first two weeks of the season playing the outside cornerback position, which is especially surprising and disheartening after the outstanding rookie year he had in 2022.

According to Pro Football Reference, Mathis has allowed 13 receptions on 14 passes into his coverage (92.9 percent completion rate) with three touchdowns and 135 yards allowed. That's good for a QB rating of 146.4 on passes thrown into Mathis's coverage.

In other words, the first two teams the Broncos have played this season have proven that you can pick on Damarri Mathis and have huge success right now. That doesn't even include his penalty in Week 1 against the Raiders. At some point, and soon, the Broncos are going to have to consider their alternatives at the position.


On the roster are rookie Riley Moss and Ja'Quan McMillian as outside corner options, and Moss figures to be one of the first in line for added playing time given what the Broncos have invested in him. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a short leash on Mathis in Week 3 if Mathis continues struggling against a high-octane passing attack in Miami.

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