3 Denver Broncos who could be benched or cut if bad play continues

- Cornerback needs to step up

- Pass rusher doing nothing

- Players on the hot seat

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2. Frank Clark, EDGE

At this point, the Frank Clark signing for the Denver Broncos looks like a complete disaster.

The biggest headlines Clark has made so far in his time as a member of the Broncos:

  • Calling out the Chiefs as a non-rivalry because it's too one-sided
  • Unexcused absence at practice
  • No impact in Week 1
  • Injured and unavailable for Week 2 and Week 3 (at least)

The Broncos brought in Frank Clark in response to the news that Baron Browning would need to eventually go on the PUP due to a knee operation. Well, we're two weeks away from Browning potentially being available to play, and Clark's presence may no longer be needed or wanted at that point.

Clark had a decent 5.0 sacks and 13 QB hits last year for the Chiefs, and you figured if he could provide that kind of production in a rotational role for the Denver Broncos, it might be worthwhile. But as of right now, it doesn't look like the Broncos will get much of anything from Clark.

And who is he replacing when healthy? I don't think you want him playing over Randy Gregory, Jonathon Cooper, or even Nik Bonitto at this point. You certainly don't want him stealing snaps from a healthy Baron Browning if and when that time comes.

After the Broncos brought in Ronnie Perkins off the Patriots' practice squad, perhaps we won't see Frank Clark this year for Denver after all.