3 Denver Broncos who are guaranteed to not be on the team in 2024

Some veteran players are clearly not going to be on the team in 2024.

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2. Kareem Jackson, S

I don't understand why Kareem Jackson was brought back in 2022, let alone in 2023. He's old, slow, undisciplined, and is just an overall liability on the field at this point. Jackson might not have much trade value at this point, but I think if the Denver Broncos can get a sixth or seventh-round pick for Jackson, they do the deal.

Jackson could be a nice third or fourth option in a safety room for a contending team looking for a veteran presence, but that's it. He's not going to play very well when he's on the field, but his presence might have a nice impact on some younger players, and he surely will not be on the Broncos in 2024.

3. BONUS: Frank Clark, Josey Jewell, Courtland Sutton

It's hard to envision any of these players being on the team in 2024. Frank Clark was an addition when Baron Browning went down, and Clark has been invisible in game action this year. Josey Jewell is a free agent in 2024 and is approaching 30 years old. I think he makes a lot of sense to get traded to Vic Fangio and the Miami Dolphins this year to help out that defense.


Courtland Sutton has turned into a pretty average wide receiver ever since his 2019 breakout season. He's really nothing special at the position anymore, and I think he'd fit in nicely as a third option in a WR room on a contending team like the Philadelphia Eagles or San Francisco 49ers.

The Denver Broncos need to spring a youth movement in 2024, and parting with the players I listed above would be a great start.

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