3 Denver Broncos who are about to explode in the second half of 2023

-This young pass rusher is going to take off

-One of the Broncos' RBs is finding his footing...

-A wide receiver eager for more touches?

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3. Marvin Mims Jr, WR

Arguably the most explosive rookie in the NFL, Marvin Mims Jr has not only shown that he can be a centerpiece of the offense but is someone who seriously needs more touches. It's absolutely bonkers that Mims has only played pin 30% of the team's offensive snaps. In short order, he's at least established himself as an elite returner in the NFL.

The rookie from Oklahoma simply needs to be in the huddle more, and Sean Payton hopefully used this bye week to implement Mims in the game plan. Payton has spoken highly of him thus far, and Mims is averaging over 20 yards per catch. I'm not sure if Russell Wilson simply isn't seeing Mims when he's on the field, or Mims actually isn't consistently getting open.


Whatever the reason, I think Payton and the offense will make more of an effort to get Mims the ball more. He's got elite speed and honestly has some Tyreek Hill flashes, right? Hill began his career primarily as a returner and quickly morphed into one of the best receivers in football. I'm not saying Mims will be on that exact trajectory, but it's hard to not see how explosive he is.

If the Denver Broncos want to get more out of their offense, their youngest player needs to get the ball more.

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