3 Denver Broncos who are about to explode in the second half of 2023

-This young pass rusher is going to take off

-One of the Broncos' RBs is finding his footing...

-A wide receiver eager for more touches?

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2. Javonte Williams, RB

During Weeks 1-3, Javonte Williams was averaging just 3.8 yards per carry. In Weeks 6-8, Williams averaged 4.2 yards per carry including averaging over 5.0 yards per carry in Week 6 and 7. What we've seen over the last few weeks is the young running back feeling more confident after his return from a torn ACL in 2022.

It was honestly pretty miraculous that Williams was able to return to the starting lineup in Week 1, and he definitely has shown flashes of his old self as of late. While I don't necessarily think the Denver Broncos should have used a second-round pick on the player back in 2021, what is clear is how fierce of a runner he is.

Williams is a lot like Derrick Henry in a way; both running backs are extremely violent runners that opposing defenses truly don't feel like tackling after a while. Williams barely averaged over 3.0 yards per carry in Week 8, but he was a consistent force all game long and had several excellent runs.

I'd expect Javonte Williams to feel even better with two weeks off. I'm sure he's also still getting treatments done on his knee since this was a serious injury. The Denver Broncos Week 10 opponent, the Buffalo Bills, give up the third-most yards per carry at 4.9 yards. And with Buffalo missing both Matt Milano and Da'Quan Jones for the year, Javonte Williams should have a very good chance to tee off against a reeling defense.