3 Denver Broncos that have been too quiet at training camp

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CB Tremon Smith

One of the more interesting players on this list is free agent addition Tremon Smith who was signed to a two-year, $5M contract in efforts to strengthen Denver's special teams that has been a below-average unit in the NFL over the last five years or so. Not only is Smith a special teams ace, but he also provides key versatility to the CB position as he can insert at both nickel and outside corner.

In regards to Smith's special teams ability, one of the 27-year-old's more valuable assets consists of his return ability as he returned four punts and 19 kicks in the 2022 season with the Houston Texans. However, throughout the first half of training camp, not once has Smith received any reps with the other returners despite returning 94 kicks in his five-year career. In fact, the Broncos have elected to give rookies Jaleel McLaughlin and Taylor Grimes work in the return game during practice, rather than Smith who has much more experience under his belt. A bit of a head-scratcher by Sean Payton and Ben Kotwica. Perhaps we are in for a surprise?

Not only on special teams but in the secondary Smith has been as quiet as a mouse. Perhaps this is due to his sound coverage however, second-year CB Ja'Quan McMillian has been more impressive in the secondary, another corner who possesses versatility to play in the slot and outside. Smith is going to play a key role in Denver's special teams coverage during the 2023 season given the contract he signed however, it is certainly interesting he hasn't received any reps at returner and is being outshined by other corners on the roster that weren't guaranteed a roster spot a week ago.