3 Denver Broncos rookies who could play huge roles vs. Browns

3 rookies on defense could help the Denver Broncos win their 5th straight...

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3. Drew Sanders, LB

Based on what we saw against the Minnesota Vikings, you can't help but wonder what the Denver Broncos have up their sleeves forthe rookie Drew Sanders.

Sanders is a model of versatility as it is. He played off the edge at Alabama before transferring to Arkansas where he became an All-American off-ball linebacker. And with all of that in mind, he's also a tremendous talent on special teams, where he has a recovered fumble for the Broncos this season.

Sanders has played a decent amount of snaps this season for the Broncos, but they came primarily against the Dolphins (a blowout loss) and Bears. He didn't play a single snap against the Vikings on defense despite the Broncos making Ronnie Perkins an inactive off the edge, and he only played two snaps the week before that against the Bills.


But we've seen the Broncos show some 4-3 looks defensively at times this season with Drew Sanders on the field as an extra off-ball linebacker, and with the team deactivating Perkins last week, could there be a role off the edge rushing the passer out there for Sanders as well?

I think that's well within the realm of possibility.

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