3 Denver Broncos players set to disappoint in the 2023 season

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Three Denver Broncos set to disappoint in 2023
2. Riley Dixon, P

The Denver Broncos drafted Riley Dixon in the seventh round of the 2016 NFL Draft and ended up being a pretty poor punter for the Broncos.

He spent four seasons with the New York Giants, never averaging more than 46.1 yards per punt. His last two years in New York, he averaged 44.8 and 44.4 yards per punt, and his net yards per punt in both of those seasons were below 40 yards.

Also, in three seasons during his career, he's led the league with two punts being blocked, and he's had at least one punt blocked in four of his seven seasons in the NFL.

He did have a solid year with the Los Angeles Rams, averaging 48.4 yards per punt and 41.7 net yards per punt, but it's nothing special. For context, Corliss Waitman averaged 46.6 yards per punt in 2022 for the Broncos and 41.4 net yards per punt. Waitman didn't have a punt blocked but Dixon had two of his punts blocked this year.

Dixon is an average punter at best and I'm not sure he's anything more than that for the Broncos in 2023.