3 Denver Broncos players that could follow Zach Azzanni to the Jets

Sayre Bedinger
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3. KJ Hamler

The Denver Broncos have now had KJ Hamler for three seasons, and heading into his contract year, he's still got a lot to prove at the NFL level. Looking back on his time at Penn State, you see a player who has game-altering speed. And Hamler doesn't just run fast on the track -- his play speed is other-worldly.

The problem is having him available and on the field. Those times have been far too infrequent as a member of the Denver Broncos, and you really feel for Hamler. It's not like he would rather be injured and not playing, he's just had a string of really rough injury luck, even dating back to his final year at Penn State.

With one year remaining on his contract, Hamler's value is pretty low right now but it wouldn't surprise me to see the Broncos do somewhat of an overhaul at the receiver position this offseason, including possibly trading away Hamler. They might opt for more veteran pieces like Brandin Cooks or Michael Thomas if they become available, but someone like Hamler with his vertical speed could be very enticing for a team like the Jets.

If the Broncos don't end up trading Sutton away (his value may not be high enough to justify it), then Hamler might be the odd one out. The Broncos could maybe get a day three pick for Hamler and that is a shot worth taking if you're the Jets. It's just another dynamic option in the passing game when you have young receivers emerging.

It would be tough to see Hamler go given what he brings to the table. If the Broncos do plan on bringing in someone like a Brandin Cooks, however, then you might only have the 2023 offseason to get value for Hamler before losing him in 2024.

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