3 Denver Broncos players that could follow Zach Azzanni to the Jets

Sayre Bedinger
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2. Kendall Hinton

It's possible that Kendall Hinton will go down as one of Zach Azzanni's best pieces of work as an NFL position coach. When you look at Hinton's trajectory coming out of the college ranks to the NFL, it's nothing short of remarkable the progress he has made.

Is he perfect? No, he's not. Hinton is not exactly a refined receiver at this point but he was a college quarterback turned receiver who had a breakout senior season before joining the Denver Broncos practice squad. We saw him really showing out in the preseason, making plays, and then he ended up contributing pretty heavily to the Broncos' rotation at receiver throughout the 2022 campaign despite not making the initial 53-man roster.

It wouldn't be shocking, in the least, to see Hinton follow Azzanni and Hackett to New York. He has been a valuable depth piece at receiver and who doesn't need more of those? Hinton is under contract with the Broncos for the 2023 season before he becomes a restricted free agent in 2024. So right now, he has two years of team control, effectively.

It's not a bad proposition for the Jets right now to look to Hinton for depth if the Broncos are willing to let him go. Even with the likes of Garrett Wilson, Elijah Moore, and Braxton Berrios on the roster, the Jets could certainly go after someone like Kendall Hinton if the price is right.