3 Denver Broncos who are extremely underrated in Madden 24

Which Denver Broncos players got too low of ratings in Madden 24?

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3) TE Greg Dulcich, 74 Overall

I mean, come on. Greg Dulcich put up an incredibly strong rookie season for the Broncos, tallying 411 yards and two touchdowns in 10 games. Dulcich started the season late after an injury in camp and then ended the season a little early after another injury. However, in the 10 games in between, Dulcich was playing at a roughly 700-yard pace, which would have placed him 3rd on the Broncos in receiving yards.

He figures for a breakout year in 2023 under new head coach Sean Payton, especially considering some of the success that Payton has had with playmaking tight ends in the past.

Dulcich, however, starts as the 32nd-ranked tight end in the game. This feels like a ranking that was made just by looking at a few stats and drawing a conclusion from there.


After watching Dulcich for just a few games, you can tell that he is a matchup nightmare for linebackers and safeties, a playmaker, and genuinely changes the entire complexion of the Broncos' offense. Chalk this one up to injury, a rookie season, or overall laziness from the Madden team, but Greg Dulcich is criminally underrated in Madden 24.

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