3 Denver Broncos who are extremely underrated in Madden 24

Which Denver Broncos players got too low of ratings in Madden 24?

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2) G Quinn Meinerz, 77 Overall

Quinn Meinerz is entering his third season with the Broncos and has been the best and most consistent player on their offensive line during that time. Meinerz brought him a 77.7 PFF grade in 2022, played above average both at guard and as a center, only allowed three sacks, and only had two penalties to his name.

Adding up the accolades, the raw numbers, and how he was able to stay on the field, you'd think Meinerz is one of the better offensive linemen in football. Well, he is. And he is definitely better than a 77 overall.

Meinerz comes in as the 14th-ranked guard in the game, which feels fine. However, and not to use PFF grades as a be-all-end-all, but Shaq Mason finished the 2022 campaign with a 68.9 grade. Still a solid season, especially considering he led all of the offensive linemen in the NFL in snaps played, but still a steep drop below the mark that Meinerz put up.

However, Mason was rated an 84 overall, a steep step above Meinerz. Unless the Madden ratings adjusters believe that the few hundred more snaps that Mason played are worth the seven overall point difference, Meinerz remains underrated.