3 crazy trade ideas Broncos would be looking at to get into top 3 of 2024 NFL Draft

  • Top WR sent to New England
  • Commanders get Bolles and a treasure chest of picks
  • Bears take Broncos to the cleaners in exchange for No. 1 overall

2021 NFL Draft
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New England Patriots v Denver Broncos
New England Patriots v Denver Broncos / Justin Edmonds/GettyImages

Broncos trade with New England Patriots to move up to No. 3

The Patriots have a new head coach in Jerod Mayo and will likely be looking for a new quarterback after the duo of Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe stumbled through the 2023 season, leading to the departure of long-time head coach Bill Belichick.

But even though the Patriots need that quarterback, they may be willing to listen to the offer of a desperate team and here, we have one of those.


In this scenario, the Broncos would finally rid themselves of Jerry Jeudy who could get a fresh start in New England with a team that could use another playmaker at the wide receiver position.

The Broncos would have the No. 3 choice and would be free to take either Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels, this year's Heisman Trophy winner, but they would sure pay for it and would not have another first-round choice until 2026, unless they were able to acquire one another way.